What To Wear This Summer


Julia Egtvet, Editor

   As the sun sets on another year at Blanchet, students are looking for stylish summer looks. Many new trends have emerged this summer, while ones from last year stuck around. Here is what you should wear this summer…

1. Birkenstocks

   Birkenstocks have always been trendy, but throughout the last couple of months, they have become even more widely loved.

   “I am really liking my Birkenstocks,” senior Lily Forsythe said.

   If you can get your hands on the Boston silhouette, you will not regret it. They are comfortable and truly go with any outfit. Blanchet students and teachers alike adore the classic Birkenstocks. 

2. Crochet

Crochet is making a major comeback. Whether it be shirts, pants, or accessories, these pieces are fun, flowy, and perfect for summer. Additionally, if you are looking for a new hobby, crochet is fun and relatively affordable. There are countless online resources to learn, such as YouTube and crafty blogs. If you are looking to skip the hassle, sellers ranging from Etsy to Urban Outfitters have pieces to keep you trendy.

3. Bangles

“Bangles are in guys. You heard it here first,” Maddie Emery ‘23 said.

This chunky, statement jewelry can dress up even the most casual of looks. They can be simple and affordable or expensive high-end pieces. Bangles would look fantastic with any outfit throughout the summer.

4. Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are the perfect, simple outfit for summer events. They can be dressed up for weddings or dressed down for everyday errands. The biggest benefit of maxi dresses is that they are uncomplicated. Simply toss on a pair of shoes, and you are ready to conquer a hot summer day.

5. Adidas Sambas

Sambas have become a recent shoe trend. They are widely available, not too expensive, and classic. Blanchet students have been wearing Sambas all year, but they will definitely be popular throughout the summer. They also are the perfect item to dress up or down depending on the event.

6. Sheer dresses/cover-ups

Sheer dresses and cover-up looks have been popping up everywhere. They are perfect for keeping cool while keeping up with the trends. On a hot day, tossing on a cover up will guarantee some airflow in our AC-less city. While these looks have been more commonly worn by celebrities and influencers, they will surely reach the average Joe soon.


It is bound to be a hot summer, so staying cool while looking great is always the goal. Hopefully, these predictions can help.