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How to Stay Close to Faraway Friends


Every year, thousands of students graduate from high school and move on to college. Not all of them may be going far away, but how do you stay close with the ones that go out of state? Or even out of the country? The friends you make in high school are often some of the most important relationships you can make, as you and your peers are finally beginning to grow into yourselves and your real personalities are beginning to form. This is why the shock of friends going off to college is often very difficult for many people to handle. Here are some ways in which you can stay close and connected to your friends even when you are long distance.

Talking on the phone. Who would have guessed that the best way to stay in touch with somebody is, you guessed it, talk to them! Basically everyone in today’s generation has some sort of mobile phone or other device that can accept calls. If you have Facetime or Zoom, seeing your friend face to face, even if it is through a screen, can help make it feel like they’re right there with you again.

Share an activity together. Many streaming services, video game developers, and all sorts of other activities may have a shared viewing feature that will allow you to participate in an activity with someone over the internet. Host a watch party on select streaming services, like Amazon, Hulu, or Disney +, and have a movie night. Play a co-op video game with your friend, such as Among Us or Gartic Phone. Go on a virtual tour. Many museums and art galleries went digital over the corona years so that people could still experience the sights offered by these places. You can even take a tour of the Great Wall of China!

Send a care package. While digital communication may be faster and easier, sometimes it’s good to have a physical gift from your friend. Great things to include in these packages are letters, treats (probably not baked goods, they may expire), handmade crafts, puzzles/games, and best of all, photos. Having some little reminders of your friend’s presence in your space is great for feeling connected to them, and though sending an email or text may be easier, taking the time to carefully write a letter shows that you care for them deeply.

Plan a shared vacation. Just because your friend has moved away doesn’t mean they’re gone forever! There will still be plenty of opportunities for you to see them in person, and planning a shared vacation is a great way to do that. Pick someplace new, exciting, that will get you both out of the house and away from school stress. See a national park, a new city, a new country. Go by car, by train, by plane, whichever option fits your budget. Travel is expensive nowadays after all, but it’s worth every penny.

Though it may be sad to see your friends go off on their own journeys, that doesn’t have to be where your stories diverge forever. Making the effort to keep in touch can help extend the lifespan of your relationships for as long as you want. When all is said and done, even sending a simple “How are you?” text can make someone’s day.

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About the Contributor
Mary Spain
Mary Spain, Reporter
Mary Spain (they/them) is a senior class staff Writer who is new to the field of journalism. Mary joined the journalism team with the goal of improving their photography and writing skills. Mary gets their news from different news channels on TV as well as the Seattle Times.  In their free time they enjoy drawing, painting, and creating art. They also enjoy hanging out with friends and chatting about anything and everything. Mary is a member of the Art club, Dungeons and Dragons club, Girls who Code, and Ski club. Mary’s passion for photography and the arts has driven her to explore more creative ways of exploring the world of journalism and the news, and she hopes to use her skills to contribute to this year's yearbook and newspaper.

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