Hot start for the JV girls basketball

Jackson Jansen, Reporter


The Braves JV girls basketball team has started their eighteen game schedule strong, winning 2 of their first three games to open the 2015-16 campaign.


Their most dominant win came against a Juanita powerhouse team where the braves laid the hurt on scoring 40 points and only giving up 17 to their rebel opponents.


“We have played very well these first few games in December,” said junior leader Ashley Moriarty, “but we need to keep this level of performance this high during the whole rest of the season,”


The JV team has had loads of success in the past couple seasons and as the season rolls along they aim to continue their former achievements.


“We have a lot of young players this year,” said head coach Lisa Olsen the team’s head coach, “the team consists of 6 freshman, 5 sophomores, and 1 junior, but what we lack in age, we hope to make up for in hard work.”


The braves have a game tonight at BBHS where they will play host to their archrivals the Seattle Prep Panthers, in hopes of continuing their fiery start to the season.