Tradition Week According to Mr. McGill


Alexa Vecchio, reporter

Tradition week is a time for the student body to come together at the beginning of the second semester, and no one knows this more than Blanchet grad and Social Studies teacher Mr. Toby McGill.McGill

He was Blanchet student from 1992-1996 and participated in the musicals, choir program and went to many sporting events to cheer on his fellow braves. One of those braves was English teacher Mr. Jason McFeron, who was in McGill’s graduating class.

McGill decided to become a teacher after the attacks on the Twin Towers on 9/11. He wanted to learn more about American ideals and why we were being attacked.

“We’re not perfect, we aren’t a perfect nation. I thought social studies was a good call for me to work with young adults and was just very passionate about it,” said McGill.

He wanted to learn more about the world and to return to the place he had once called home.

“Blanchet was good to me, I wanted to give back to it. I made lifelong friends here and some of the best teachers I had were here, I felt that going back here was right. God led me here,” said McGill.

Tradition week was similar in McGill’s day, with togas and class color days. Though the dress up days haven’t changed much, the events have. One thing that has changed was finding the “B”.

Before students were looking for the hidden Blanchet “B”, students were let out of class in search for the tomahawk. This was when Blanchet still had a mascot, it was later changed to the “whale” and eventually became the “B”.

Activities during the Tradition Week assembly were much more physical in McGill’s day. Events like tug of war, balance beam fight, jello wrestling and faculty-senior basketball games. Though McGill didn’t physically participate in the games, he joined in on the fun with dress up days and cheering on his classmates.

One thing McGill enjoys about Tradition Week is the unity it brings to the school. He noticed this when he was a student, but sees it even more as a teacher.

“You enjoy watching the students participate in it, it’s more of an observation. To sit back and watch you guys have fun. Seeing everyone socialize, seeing barriers drop and everyone unify,” said McGill.

After working at Blanchet for eleven years, McGill has come to have more memories as a teacher then as a student. That never stops him from knowing what Tradition Week is about and what it mean to him and to the school.

McGill  says, “Being proud to be a brave. I think it’s really important to building a positive school community. People can come together and have a good time and compete in a variety of ways. Have fun, enjoy and let loose. Brave tradition, you’re only in High School once.”