Back to the crazy 80’s with Ms. Lynn Augustavo


Jackson Jansen, Reporter

Ms. Lynn (Boren) Augustavo currently serves as the Associate Dean of Students at Bishop Blanchet, but her connections run much deeper than just her current position here at the school. Augustavo is a 1981 graduate of Bishop Blanchet, and she was also a Blanchet parent while her daughter Michelle attended Blanchet, graduating in 2004.  After graduating from Blanchet in 1981, Ms. Augustavo found herself heading off to beauty school, but soon found out a hair stylist was not her true calling. Augustavo’s memories from high school are good ones.


“I had so many favorite things when I was in high school, but my most favorite would probably be the teachers and the traditions the school had (tradition week, fight song, etc…),” said Augustavo.


While many things have changed since “the big haired” 80’s”, the decade that Ms. Augustavo and classmates called these same hallways their own,  some things have stood the test of time. Tradition week is still celebrated here at Blanchet as well as the fabled fight song — the boisterous tune that brings every student, teacher and alumni back together in both harmony and nostalgia.


“I loved going to the sporting events in high school. If you walked into the gym or onto the field during a school game, the stands were just packed with rowdy students ready to cheer their team on. That level of spirit really dipped down in the past years, but I think those packed stands are on the rise again,” said Augustavo.  


Changes are sometimes a good thing and Augustavo has seen many improvements to the academic program since she was a student at Blanchet. She notes that there are many more academic choices for students, making graduates better prepared for when they leave for college. As well as an improved success rate for getting graduates into colleges of their choice, she also says the addition of the academic support program is a benefit that wasn’t here previously.  


Today, Augustavo loves working with the students. To her, Blanchet is a family, a community that comes together during times of tragedy. She is thankful to be a part of a loving and caring community like Blanchet.