Jaybry Doyle -Hupf: Year Round Sports Captain

Isaac Smith, Reporter

Being a member of a sports team is already a time- consuming task, and being a captain of a team only takes up more time and energy. Even for a single season, it can be a difficult task. Compared to this, all three seasons may seem impossible; however, senior athlete Jaybry Doyle- Hupf, who is a football captain, wrestling captain, and lacrosse captain thinks differently. I sat down with him to see what he has to say about being a three sport captain.

Q: Other than the regular duties shared by all team members, what else are you responsible for as a captain?

A: “Doing things 100% even if it’s something simple like jogging to the sideline instead of walking. Also, working hard and being someone people can look up to. And talking to the coaches about ideas, no matter how silly they may be.”

Q: What is the most difficult part about balancing school and sports throughout the entire year?

A: “For me, the hardest part is once you get home from practice I’m tired and all I want to do is sleep, but I know I have to get homework done. Also, the year round limits sports puts on your social life. I can’t hang with my friends on school nights because it’s already occupied with sports and then homework. 1 or 2 sport athletes at least get a season where they can relax, but for me it’s not that way. It’s always having practice so I have to tell my friends ‘can’t hang this day or that day’ and it gets annoying because you wanna hang with friends a ton, but you really can’t.”

Q: Do you have any funny or interesting stories about sports from the years that you have played so far?

A: “Interesting is maybe learning about certain sports history. Like last year finding out Blanchet hadn’t beat O’Dea in 23 years. Or for lacrosse, realizing we hadn’t made state in a long time, or wrestling realizing we haven’t won Metro since the 90’s.”

Q: Do you have any nicknames that have a good story behind them?

A: “My nickname is ‘Honey Panda’, given to me by Coach Salle (shoutout). Honey, like the color of my hair, and panda because I am a bigger, funnier guy. Also, Tyrann Mathieu who plays for the Arizona Cardinals is nicknamed the “Honey Badger”. Honey, because of his hair, and Badger because of his tenacity.”

Q: What training do you participate in outside of regular school practices?

A: “Weight lifting, and I have a personal trainer who I work with 4 out of the 7 days of the week, and I work with him during my season and out of season. He’s great at getting me in shape for each of my sports.”

Q: Do you go on any special diets depending upon the current sports season?

A: “For football I try to maintain my weight and not let it fluctuate, but it’s hard to stay one weight. For wrestling, I’ll go anywhere from 210 to 260, depending on what’s needed of me. And for lacrosse I like to play at around 200-220 but I usually can get away with playing at 235.”

Q: Who is your all- time favorite athlete, and why are they your favorite?

A: “Bo Jackson. He is literally the greatest athlete to compete. Period. He is also a Raider and I’m an Oakland Raiders fan. But a close second would have to be Cam Newton, the man is an MVP who just dominates the game of football, and I get that people hate that he’s cocky, but he backs it up, so I don’t have a problem with him. Plus, I love the way he plays the game, with a fire to win.”

Q: If you have a favorite pregame snack, what is it and why is it your favorite?

A: “Football season it’s chicken strips and a Gatorade. Wrestling season it’s a sandwich (after weigh-ins, of course), and during lacrosse season it’s pudding. They’re all my favorite because to me they’re comfort food, and who doesn’t love those foods, not to mention they’re all cheap.”

Q: What do you think the best way to prepare the team for a big game is?

A: “Get them in a mindset that this game means more because it’s got something on the line and that’s pride. Every football game has pride on the line, but when we play Seattle Prep, that’s pride, but also pride for every Blanchet athlete who has ever played Prep. It’s not playing for yourself, it’s playing for the guy next to you and the ones before and after you who will play them too. It’s a matter of realizing how big a rivalry is and being up to the challenge to play in it.”

Q: What is your favorite sports memory from your high school sports career?

A: “Beating Sumner in dramatic fashion last year. And also playing in the Dome!”

Q: Do you have any advice for future sports captains who want to lead teams as well as you do?

A: “Work hard in practice. Being a captain is more in how you act then it is in how you talk. You can be the best speaker ever and say all the right things, but if you don’t do what you preach then in means nothing. That’s why you have to grind and work hard so other people will know you may talk but you’re willing to put in the work.”