Blanchet Student Opinion on the 2016 Presidential Election


Clara Costa, Reporter

With this year’s election day rapidly approaching, people all across America are pondering which candidate has what it takes to be the next President of the United States.

Here at Blanchet, many students are listening in to what the candidates have to say, and with listening, comes opinion. Many students agree that this year’s election will be one for the books because of the candidates very different backgrounds and what they want to change within the United States.

Some students are concerned with what is going to happen once the candidates are elected, and what they’re going to do to help lessen America´s impact on the environment.

“I agree with Clinton because of environmental issues,¨ said sophomore Juan Hillon. ¨I enjoy how she is trying to stop pollution and global warming.¨

Many students are still debating on their decision due to all of the different and sometimes controversial statements being said by candidates.

¨I still have not decided which candidate I agree with more,¨ said Junior Grace Klauser. ¨It will be interesting to see how everything plays out when the debates start this week.¨

But there is still a small group of students that are very set on their decision. Junior Cale Fuoco is set on Clinton having what it takes to be America’s next president.

¨I don’t think Hillary Clinton has said any racist things,¨ said Cale Fuoco. ¨She has experience in politics, international relations, and has good ties with other countries.¨

To conclude, many Blanchet attendees have mixed feelings about this year’s presidential election. Many thoughts regarding the ideals of both candidates are, at this time, varying. All we can do as students is wait and see.