The Braves’ 2016 Trending Halloween Costumes

The Braves 2016 Trending Halloween Costumes

Grace Klauser, Reporter

With Halloween still two months away, BBHS students are already beginning to make plans and figure out what they are going to dress up as.

A lot of students can get really into the spirit of Halloween, as it is their favorite holiday. The Halloween stores aren’t even open, but people are already preparing.

One of these students is junior, Kayla Ponti. She has had her Halloween costume planned for weeks. “Dressing up on Halloween is so exciting,” said Ponti. “I’m stoked for Halloween because I get to become something I am not without it being looked down upon.”

Ponti is planning on dressing up as a black cat.  She has made the decision to follow a trend that has been big in the past. Ponti has noticed that a big 2016 Halloween trend is going to be characters from the new DC Comics movie “Suicide Squad.”

Other Blanchet students agree and are expecting other trends to be big as well.

“There’s definitely going to be a lot of Harambe costumes because that’s big on social media right now,” said junior Kitongo Ulwenya.  

Trends have changed over the years; however, there are a few that have always been big.

“Superhero costumes will probably be big again,” said Ulwenya. “And animals are always a big thing that people always dress up because it’s cheap and easy to throw together.”

Like most things in pop culture, Halloween costume trends come and go. Some costumes are big one year, but not the next because their influences are in and out.

“Figuring out what to dress as for Halloween can be hard,” said junior Olivia Zumdieck, “but the easiest way kids figure it out is by looking at what’s big in pop culture right now. The most common way any trend begins when people follow what their friends are doing ”
This Halloween, the BBHS community will be showing off a variety of costumes. With their costumes trending or not, many passionate students are already looking forward to this holiday.