Girls Golf Advances to Metros

Clara Costa, Reporter

Girls golf lost against Roosevelt but beat Nathan Hale in the past two matches, they’re looking forward to going to metros.

The golfers played well but lost against Roosevelt this past Tuesday. The match had the largest turnout in Blanchet metro golf history with a turnout of about 55 people. Their last match of the season was against Nathan Hale which ended on a good note with a win for the Braves.

Junior Boys Golfer, Simon Serwold, feels like the girls golf team has been playing very well.

“They’re putting good numbers on the board for the most part,” said Serwold,“ I think they have a good chance of competing at State.”

Some of the girls golfers still enjoyed the match against Roosevelt even with the loss.

“We played really well at the Roosevelt match,” said Sophomore Jane O’Connor. “That match had the most fans so I thought it was the most fun.”

Other golfers thought that the match against Nathan Hale was better even though Roosevelt’s because of their personal achievements.

“Personally I played a lot better against Hale than I did Roosevelt,” Said Junior Sam Conroy. “Finishing off against Hale on a good note was really good for our team.”

The next match is this Thursday and is the beginning of Metros, later the girls will advance to Districts.