Girls Golf Advances to Districts

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Girls Golf Advances to Districts

Clara Costa, Reporter

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The Girls Golf regular season and Metros has come to a close. Four golfers out of the five girl team will advance to Districts this spring.

The Metro golf match occurred on Thursday, October 13th. Throughout the season, the girls were able to accomplish many goals. They hope to continue playing well as they approach districts this spring.

The newest addition to the golf team, senior Sam Conroy, was able to surpass a multitude of goals she set for herself at the beginning of the season as well as learn new lessons for matches to come. Conroy was able to come out of the Metros match as the top scorer for the Blanchet girls team.

“With my little experience I didn’t think I would qualify for districts,” said Conroy. “I learned two very valuable lessons on the day of Metros: always show up at least 20 minutes early to your tee time, and never doubt yourself.”

Sophomore Jane O’Connor feels that during the regular golf season, Mr. Gaskill, the coach of the Bishop Blanchet Golf Team, was able to teach very valuable golf lessons that she will be able to use in the upcoming districts match.

“Gaskill has taught us a lot about getting to know the course before playing it and playing to your strengths,” said O’Connor. “These lessons will definitely be useful in Districts.”

The girls District match will be held in April of 2017.

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