Starting off the year with a Swish

Madison O' Neill, Reporter

The Bishop Blanchet girls varsity had their game opener November 30th, 2016. Playing against Marysville Getchel . Starting off strong the girls had an 18 point lead in the first quarter. Continuing to keep their lead throughout the game. The Bishop Blanchet Varsity girls win 51-22.

First quarter starters Jayden Bush, Jilese Bush, Annie Maher, Ella Dipietro and Katy Marywell started off very strong with an eighteen point lead. Running the plays and playing some hard man to man defense.

“The main goal was to get into our posts,” said Jadyn Bush “we had the advantage of having  our three bigs in to start us off strong”.

Second quarter was still strong but not as well fought as the last.

“We seemed to have stepped off the gas by the second half,” said senior Annie Maher, “no matter what we still played as a team and ended up with a win”.

The second half seemed to be the team’s time to run the plays and slow down. Making sure to play together and figuring out what needs to be done in order to finish the game out strong.

“We may have won the first quarter and most of the second, says Coach Hecko, “but Getchel had much more energy in the second half. We really need to work on being energized and ready to play each quarter.”

The girls still have a lot of things to work on but this game was a great indicator of what they need to do in order to be the best team they can be.