Freshman Boys Successfully Complete Their Season

Grace Klauser, Reporter

The JVC boys basketball team ended their season with another win. The freshman successfully met their goals, and discovered aspects about themselves as players.

“The season was awesome,” said freshman Chris Dyckman. “I feel like I learned a lot about how to be an individual player and a good teammate.”

The boys learned and improved on a lot of their skills thanks to their coach, Mr. Sean Gaskill.

“I felt really good about this season,” said freshman Sam Soltani. “But it’s already time to start preparing for next year.”

The teammates that take the sport seriously, are already looking toward the future. They are planning on practicing during the offseason so they can be prepared.

“I had a great time this season,” said freshman Andrew Holloman. “The team is great.”

The coaches and the players are beginning to think of goals they have for the offseason and the future.