The Miter Staff is unanimous… Unified Days reap Havoc.

The Miter Staff is unanimous... Unified Days reap Havoc.

Editorial Board

As many students struggle with the monotony of homework, one thing seems to tip the scale and cause mass chaos within the student body.

Unified Days.

Just the mention of them sends a grave chill down my spine.

Seven classes. Forty minutes. Each period more painful than the last.

The mayhem of a unified day is only magnified by the fact that these days normally take place on Mondays.

As many students at Blanchet take on academically rigorous schedules, a unified day consequents hours of homework done over the weekend. To most, this copious workload voids the point of a weekend break- or a calm, Sunday evening.

If unified days were not bad enough, some brave teachers decide to assign quizzes and tests for this short timeframe. With their aforementioned homework duties, most students waive the studying they would normally do for these tests, resulting in poor test scores and even more animosity towards the dreaded unified day.

The Miter Staff echoes this lament of the student body. We find the unified day unnecessary, and even our moderator, Chris Grasseschi, finds the days horrible.

From the viewpoint of teachers and students alike, unified days do not give enough time to get anything done. This leaves people feeling like their time has been wasted and almost negates the positive outlook of our block schedule- To give more time to learn and teach.

In conclusion, The Miter Staff calls for the repeal of the unified days, as they merely cause pain and are a dirge for students who take rigorous classes.

The Miter Staff loves to stay “with-the-times”, and we would like to thank senior Cole Lunde for tweeting us @BBHSMiter with a great idea for this week’s editorial.

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