JVC Girls Dribble Out of the Season with a Loss Against Kentwood

Clara Costa, Reporter

The JVC Girls’ Basketball Team lost in a practice game against Kentwood, 29-32, on January 27th, 2017.

Kentwood had to forfeit due to scheduling mistakes made by the administration; the referees never showed up, and so it wasn’t considered a valid game.

Freshman Post Yordanos Mamo noted the strengths of the Kentwood JVC team.

“They were a good team and fought really hard for the ball,” said Mamo. “I think we lost because we were so thrown off by the referees not being there and because we had just come from the tradition week assembly.”

Freshman Post Kate Yerkes gave credit to Freshman Post Mia Jones for scoring so well during the game.

“Mia scored six for six for her free throws,” said Yerkes. “But Kentwood had mostly sophomores on their team and their varsity players were refereeing the game, so I do really think they had an advantage.”

Freshman Post Mia Jones was disappointed with the outcome of the JVC Girls last game.

“It was really bad,” said Jones. “We had to leave the tradition week assembly early and weren’t able to play an actual game because the referees didn’t show up.”

That was the last game of the JVC Girls basketball season. Spring sports begin on February 25th.