Julia Brennan Passionately Harmonizes “Inner Demons”


Photo courtesey of MOXIE

Julia Weinand, Reporter

A virtually unknown 18 year-old, Julia Brennan reaches toward fame with her hit musical debut, “Inner Demons”,  an original song.

Singer, song writer, and pianist, Brennan has grown up around music her whole life. Her mother was a wedding singer and her paternal grandmother won Miss Minnesota in 1951 using her own talents of singing and piano playing. Brennan started taking piano lessons when she was only four years old.

“I had been writing in my journal since I was about ten,” said Brennan in an introductory video to the public, “so putting my feelings on paper wasn’t hard. It was just ‘Oh, I should put this to a melody! I should put this to a tune,’ and then I kinda just did it!”

When Brennan broke her collarbone last summer, she had multiple weeks to put three musical pieces together. Brennan sent her new recordings to the local radio program she listened to where she was lucky enough to have part of “Inner Demons” play. Within two days, Brennan received emails from three different music labels.

By the end of the summer, Brennan was performing at the Minnesota State Fair, and by December she was recording her Inner Demons EP. This mini album features the three songs she wrote last summer – “A Light to Call Home”, “I’m Not Her, and “Inner Demons”.

The melody of “Inner Demons” is conflicting as it is intricate yet simple at the same time. With mostly only piano accompaniment, the melody seems simple, but lithe vocals create more complexity. Brennan’s voice is alluring as it goes from a rustic twang to an airy falsetto.  Almost acting as an instrumental, her high-soprano vocals permeate the prayerfulness and wishful thinking of being relieved from inner demons.

“We all have demons,” said Brennan. “This song says it’s okay that you’re not feeling okay; sometimes we have to admit things are hard and we need help.”