Girls Lacrosse-JV and Varsity kick off the season

Grace Klauser, Reporter

The Bishop Blanchet girls lacrosse team kicked off their season just a couple of weeks ago. So far, for both teams, things have been off to a bit of a rough start, but both teams are working hard to make improvements. The girls are looking at what will be important for themselves as individuals and a team.

According to junior varsity new addition to the team, Brookie Woolman, the girls are having a great time with the social aspect of the sport.

“We’re like sisters,” said Woolman.

JV is also looking at what it is going to take to win a game.

“Our goal is to improve and just keep a positive attitude,” said Woolman. “Our coaches always tell us that yes, winning the game is awesome, but working as hard as you can and playing your best is more important.”

The varsity team is also working very hard to make improvements.

“So far we have had a rough start to the season, losing our games,” said junior varsity player Alina Gemza. “But we are fighting hard through it. It’s a learning process as it is our first year in the varsity league.”

On March 29, 2017 the Varsity girls competed against Spanaway Lake and walked away with their first win of the season, which they worked extremely hard to earn.

The varsity girls have come together in order to discuss goals for the season.

“My goal for the season is to have fun, work hard and play to represent Blanchet,” said Gemza.

The girls next play against Eastside Catholic High School tomorrow at Bishop Blanchet High School at 7:00 PM.