New Girl Takes on JV LAX

Grace Klauser, Reporter

Freshman Brooklyn Woolman is new to the sport of lacrosse, but she is loving it. She decided to try out so she could get involved with the school and make friends. She found that she not only loves the sport itself, but the the social aspect as well.

“It’s so much fun,” said Woolman. “I love the sport so much and my [teammates] are like my sisters.”

Woolman gets a lot of playing time because of her aggressive personality and great strength. She takes the sport seriously and works very hard.

“I work hard,” said Woolman, “but sometimes I find myself giving up because I’m too hard on myself.”

The new player believes that she has found a sport she is truly passionate about, although soccer was the sport she grew up playing.

“I love the sport, and now I am hoping to play in college too,” said Woolman.

Woolman is working hard to improve as an individual player, as well as thinking of what it is going to take in order to help the entire team come together and improve.

As only a freshman, the young player does not take any of her practices and games for granted. She is an extremely hard worker and learns from her mistakes.