JV Football Suffers Heartbreaking Defeat Despite Tantalizing Comeback Effort

Hunter Redmon, Reporter

Blanchet Junior Varsity football fell to Archbishop Murphy at home in a chaotic, captivating game that had all fans on the edge of their seats

On Monday, September 11th, 2017, J.V football battled Archbishop Murphy at home on Mickey Nash field. Following Varsity’s brutal loss the night before, this game seemed to have held a special importance: a chance at revenge. Many parents, Varsity football players, and other Blanchet students were in attendance, all with the hopes of a different result than the one from the night before.

“It has to have been one of the craziest JV football games ever,” said quarterback Alex Johnson.

Blanchet kicked off, starting the game on defense, and got a stop. However, after this small victory, the tides changed. On Blanchet’s first drive, an edge rusher came blazing in, cracking the quarterback Johnson from behind, and forcing a pick 6. The following possession, Blanchet gets shut down once more, and Archbishop capitalized with another touchdown. Not a good start for the braves going into halftime: they trailed 13-0…

“After the half, Blanchet came out with a bang,” said Varsity football player Logan Galbraith.

The bang came in the form of a touchdown, 13-7, Blanchet still trails. Following a stop on defense, Blanchet gives up a safety, and then throws another pick 6, increasing their deficit to 23-7! At this point, the game seems out of reach, and the feeling from the night before haunts every Blanchet player and fan in attendance.

“The whole game I thought we could win. But once I threw the pick 6, I thought we were done,” said quarterback Johnson.

With about one minute and 30 seconds in the game, a quarterback switch takes place. Sophomore Alex Johnson is replaced by sophomore Connor Stutz. Stutz leads the team on a quick and furious scoring drive, putting 8 points on the board.

With the score now 23-15, a one possession game, Blanchet wins the onside kick! Recent events animated the crowd and Blanchet sideline. The momentum had shifted all in Blanchet’s favor, and assisted Blanchet to battle all the way to the Archbishop Murphy 12 yard line!

“At this point, a touchdown was in our sites,” said Stutz.

With only enough time for 2 more plays, Stutz rifled a pass down the middle to the 1 yard line, but the pass was dropped. At this point, only one play remained, and the whole game was on the line. Everything had built up to this moment. Stutz launches a pass to wide receiver Dylan Lee…and it’s incomplete! The crazy comeback came to an end, and Archbishop Murphy prevailed.