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The Secret in The Wings, this fall’s play, has been cast, and the crews have been chosen.

Chris Grasseschi
Mr. Robert Bergin, the Director of the fall play, listens carefully to his actors as they whole cast and all the crews make their way through the first read-through.

The show, written by Mary Zimmerman, will run December 1-3 in the Marge Bradburn Theater. Ticket information will be forthcoming.

Cast List


Mom- Leah McIntyre

Dad- Nick Shamulka

Heidi- Samantha Murray Tuesta

Mr. Fitzpatrick/Tony-Anthony Monteleone


Three Blind Queens

Princes- Jack Stolle, William Levy, Nick Shamulka

Three queens- Nicole Degel (3rd Blind Queen), Margaux Farmer, Leah McIntyre

Ambassador- Parker V. Thompson

Nursemaid- Maddy Brown

Son of the third blind queen- Julia Brajcich

Stolen Pennies

Child-Samantha Murray Tuesta

Papa- Parker V. Thompsen

Mama- Maddy Brown

Other Children (3)-William Levy, Julia Brajcich, Margaux Farmer

Stranger-Nick Shamulka

The Princess Who Wouldn’t Laugh

Princess Who Wouldn’t laugh-Leah McIntyre

Father of Princess- Parker V. Thompson

Three Suitors- Nick Shamulka, Jack Stolle, William Levy

Three ladies-in-Waiting-Sonia Svendesen, Emma Facer, Julia Brajcich

The Three Snake Leaves

Snake-Leaves Princess- Margaux Farmer

First singer- Maddy Brown

Second Singer-Leah McIntyre

Third Singer- Sonia Svendsen

Boy-Nick Shamulka

Sea Captain-Nicole Degel

Boy’s Servant- Emma Facer

Father of Snake-Leaves Princess- Leah McIntyre


Two Men-Jack Stolle, William Levy

Allerleira- Emma Facer

Allerleira’s Companions (Heidi, Louise, Laura)- Samantha Murray Tuesta, Leah McIntyre, Sonia Svendsen

Allerleira’s Father- Nick Shamulka

Allerleira’s Father’s Attendant- Julia Brajcich

King-Nick Shamulka

Second King- Jack Stolle

Second King’s attendant-William Levy

Seven Swans, or Silent for Seven Years

Father of Seven Sons-Anthony Monteleone

Sons-Parker V. Thompson, Sonia Svendsen, Julia Brajcich, William Levy, Margaux Farmer, Maddy Brown

Daughter-Nicole Degel

Andrew-Emma Facer

King- Jack Stolle

Evil Mother- Samantha Murray Tuesta



Stage Crew

Siena Hensen-Crew Head

Caleb Aikyama

Brendan Nenninger

Lillian Senzek

Megan Acarregui

Emily Feucht

Helen Hoxie

Jamie Sheenan

Sophia Andres

Clare Fesalbon

Sean McMullen

Olive Young


Hair and Make-up

Anna Senzek

Rainey Quinn

Emma Van Hollebeke

Gianna Falcone

Emily Hanlin

Bryn Haplin


Costume Crew

Maria Vasquez-Costume Crew

Geneiveve Kent

Frances Vonada

Morgan Homer

Kyle Smith


Publicity Crew

Clara Costa-Crew Head

Rayanna Horvath

Sierra Waltier

Alex Plastino

Catherine Brewer

Maliko Madden

Natalie Gryniewicz


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