Anchors Aweigh on a New Era: Senior Cruise 2017


Rachel Willison

Seniors Carter Custer, Colin Shepherd, Chayle Morris, Jordan Ruiz, and Calvin Chao “rock” to the beat of the music inside.

Gigi Gallaudet, Reporter

On the evening of September 17, the BBHS Class of 2018 gathered at pier 55 to spend an evening on an Argosy cruise. Despite the overcast weather, a memorable night ensued.

The sandwiches were huge, and the soda was endless as the senior class set sail on the start of a new year during the highly anticipated senior cruise.

“I didn’t mind the rain, the city always looks beautiful at night,” said Cameron Griffin.

Senior class officers Paul Codd, Ella DiPietro, Anna Reese, Marianna Mele, Rachel Willison, and Matt Broom relax after all their hard work planning the cruise.


With sprinklings of rain, the upper deck of the boat was still highly populated by seniors taking pictures and enjoying the view.

“I was disappointed because every food item was supposed to be endless but we ran out of Doritos,” said Jacob Parsons with disappointment, though endless chips were never promised.

While the sandwiches lasted all night, the chips and cookies did not. That didn’t ruin the night for most, though. The night was still filled with laughter and dancing, as Braves grooved to the tunes of DJ Lance and watched the sun set over the Seattle skyline.

“The turnout did not quite live up to my expectations, but I view it all as a success nonetheless,” said senior class officer Rachel Willison triumphantly.

With the majority of the class present, it is clear that the class of 2018 is pulling up the anchor on summer 2017 and ready for a new year.