Blanchet’s JV Volleyball Crushes Opponent Ingraham

Samantha Zink , Reporter

This past week, Bishop Blanchet’s Junior Varsity Volleyball team competed against Ingraham High School on Wednesday, September 13th and won against them in a three set match.

The Junior Varsity team demolished the Ingraham Rams in their three set game with the ending scores of 25 – 12 for the first set, 25 – 6 for the second set, and 15 – 4 for the third set.

There were many memorable aspects to the game including, Lizzie Allen’s shoes falling off as she approached a hit. Ava Sanchez also completed sixteen aces in a row. Although the most notable part had to be the score of the game. Blanchet just blasted Ingraham away.

I thought our team played very well”, said freshman Lauren Lindblad. “I felt our back row did a really good job getting all the balls up and making sure nothing dropped and I thought that our serving was one of the main factors of us winning and probably the best we’ve ever had this season.”

The Junior Varsity team this year boasts fourteen girls. Of those girls, three are freshmen, ten are sophomores, and one is a junior. They are being lead by Head Coach Lisa Srithongsuk and assistant coaches Kyle Wong and Molly Manca.

If you would like to catch the Blanchet’s JV Volleyball team in action, they have upcoming games on Monday, September 18, at HNA at 5:30 or on Wednesday September 20th, against Bainbridge at Bainbridge at 4:30 pm.