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Apple Set to Release Most Expensive iPhone Yet

Apple Inc.

Apple Inc.

Jason Knoblich, Reporter

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The pre order date for the iPhone X is set for the 27th of October, giving users a plethora of new features, but is the staggering price tag of $999 worth these new luxuries?

On September 27th Apple unveiled their two newest iPhone designs, the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X. Claiming to be the biggest leap forward since the original iPhone, a staggering number of new features were added onto the already extremely popular iPhone formula. Taking away the the fingerprint recognition used in the past iPhones, the iPhone X instead opts to use facial recognition to unlock. According to the Apple website their new phone will use new technology such as the TruthDepth camera to create an accurate depth map of the user’s face. While the new facial recognition is revolutionary, it is met with some concerns.

“I think it’s a cool new feature,” said Lars Krokum. “I always support the pursuit of new technology that could be beneficial to our daily lives; however, I’m not sure if I would like to have my face in some database.”

Apple also decided to take away the standard home button used in every iPhone before the iPhone X, instead Apple decided to make the screen bigger. The new iPhone X screen will 5.8 inches long when measured diagonally. To make this screen as clear as possible Apple is bringing back the Retina Display and giving the iPhone X a screen resolution of  2435 x 1125 and 458 megapixels per inch. This may be the best looking phone in terms of picture and overall screen quality, making many excited for its release.

“I can’t wait to see how the new screen looks,” said Will Fleming. “I enjoy watching videos and taking pictures with my phone, and the iPhone X looks to improve those two things which is really exciting.”

The new iPhone X is made with a surgical-grade stainless steel body, offering a sleeker design and increased durability. The case isn’t the only thing new and improved, so is the screen.

The screen of the new iPhone X is stronger and fifty percent deeper, offering greater protection from scratches and cracks. Also, the waterproof design is back, protecting the it from water and dust. Finally, Apple is going completely cordless. With neither an aux or charging cable port on the new iPhone. In place of these standard features, Apple chose to give the iPhone X wireless charging capabilities and continue the use of Bluetooth for listening to music.

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Apple Set to Release Most Expensive iPhone Yet