They Came, They Prayed, They Pilgrimed

Gigi Gallaudet, Reporter

On the morning of September 24, members of the senior class gathered on campus to join together for the senior class pilgrimage retreat.

“The early start was rough,” said senior class officer Marianna Mele,  “but the experience was definitely worth it,”.

This pilgrimage began at BBHS at 8 am, but the class of 2018 pilgrims didn’t stay there for long. The participants in this retreat left the school and walked around the Green Lake area, praying and listening to student leaders talk about what it means to be true, kind, and brave.

“It was a good way to express myself and share something meaningful and important to me with my class for one last retreat together,” said leader Greta Geivett, who spoke about being true to herself in her own personal experiences.

After a morning of reflection, these students have been given some inspiring things to think about as they embark on the final chapter of their high school journey.

“It was a great way to slow down and reflect during the craziness of senior year,” said class officer Ella DiPietro.

On Sunday, they were able to think about their experiences over a burger, courtesy of Ms. McGovern at lunch time. All in all, the seniors participated in a meaningful day.

Chris Salvador
Leaders Greta Geivett and Matty Cambell speak before the class of 2018.