As the referees were a no-show, Blanchet and Liberty JV Football took advantage of the chance to improve and set up an unofficial scrimmage.

Hunter Redmon, Reporter

Following the triumphant comeback victory of the Varsity football team over Liberty on Friday the 22nd, the younger JV players were riled up to take their shot against Liberty’s JV at the usual time the following Monday,however; in the middle of the gameday players received an email that the game would be canceled because the referees couldn’t make it.

“I was really bummed to hear the game was canceled,” said Junior Jake freeman. “All the guys were waiting to go out there and play.”

For a little while the players were planning on going to spend the day with varsity, watching film and practicing, and missing out on a chance to play; however, within the hour the players received another email from J.V Head Coach Dominic Salle. He explained that they were going to scrimmage Liberty anyway, and use it as a chance to get better.

“I wanted to get the most out of the experience that we possibly could,” said Coach Dominic Salle. “In the scrimmage we played hard for 60 straight minutes and got a lot of good work in, and I believe the other team did too.”

During the scrimmage each team received ten offensive possessions and then proceeded to switch sides of the ball. By scrimmage standards Liberty defeated Blanchet pretty heavily, outscoring them by 4 touchdowns. But not being an official game, the main point was not to win, but rather to grow from the experience.

“I’m glad it was just a scrimmage,” explained Sophomore quarterback Alex Johnson. “It gave us the opportunity to try new things without worrying about the overall result too much. I also think our team grew through the adversity.”

Hopefully for Monday’s game the referees will actually show up and the Braves can take this growth and improvement from the scrimmage and translate it into a victory against Ballard High School