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When it comes to Marteen, you are better off with Tabasco

Samantha Zink, Reporter

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The new song, Sriracha, by a new up and coming artist from the Bay area, Marteen, has a sound that ties in the new rap generation as well as bringing 90’s R&B through its tune. Although, he could be considered a good singer, Marteen’s song lyrics and video make him out to be more of a joke than anything else.  Arturo Torres

The opening to the video is him sitting on top of a blue corvette, under the freeway. He definitely tries to pull gangster vibes into his aesthetic, though it makes him look more culturally insensitive. He begins with rapping out the chorus of his song, comparing a girl’s body to sriracha, implying that she is hot – spicy.

“Girl, you got a body like sriracha. Everytime I bring you round my homies, all they do is watch ya,” is the opening to the chorus, it continues with, “got it from yo mama, but that isn’t what she taught ‘cha. That is why I call you lil Rancha.”

The song has a catchy tune, and the ability to get stuck in your head. The upbeat music and beat in the background makes the listener want to thump their feet along. Although, with all these positives, the main issue is the lyrics, which are a little ludacris.

In this day and age, most music is based less on the lyrics and more on the sound behind them, but that doesn’t mean the common listener doesn’t pick up on the lyrics.

Marteen born and raised in the Berkeley area, has started his career with sharing the stage with Fifth Harmony, Super Duper Kyle, and Lil Uzi. His talent has caught the eye of Warner Bros. Records, and have recently signed him on the label in 2017.

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When it comes to Marteen, you are better off with Tabasco