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Catalonia Pushes for Independence from Spain

Derek Loen, Reporter

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Along the east coast of Spain, the region of Catalonia is fighting for their independence.


Hundreds of years ago, Catalonia was a nation of its own. Today, it still holds traditions and other cultural differences that make it unique to its own region. In September, 90 percent of voters in the Catalan area voted for independence.


Over the past few years, Spain has been facing an economic crisis. Because of the city of Barcelona and trading ports, Catalonia generates a large portion of the struggling country’s income. The Catalans are fed up with having to provide for the rest of Spain while still dealing with the consequences of the money deficiency. If Catalonia does separate from Spain, it would cause disaster for the Spanish economy.


Culturally, Catalonia is also already almost like its own country.


Most people in the region prefer to speak Catalan over Spanish, a variation of Spanish which has been around since the earliest days of Catalonia. They also have plenty of local food dishes and traditions. What makes the region the most different upon first glance is the flag. In front of houses, on restaurants, and cars everywhere is the blue, red, and yellow banner which the citizens take the utmost pride in.


Due to recent events and the economic crisis, riots for and against independence have broken out all over Spain, especially in Barcelona.


On October 1st, two rioting groups clashed in the center of the city, leading to violence and involvement with the police. FC Barcelona, one of the largest soccer teams in Europe, had a match that day and was forced to shut down its entrances, which only led to more turmoil.

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Catalonia Pushes for Independence from Spain