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Off the Rez Brings a New Taste to Blanchet’s Lunches

A picture of the Off the Rez Food truck

A picture of the Off the Rez Food truck

Off the Rez

Off the Rez

A picture of the Off the Rez Food truck

Jason Knoblich, Reporter

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Last week the braves celebrated the annual Native American Week at Blanchet and with it Off the Rez visited Blanchet,  giving students and faculty the opportunity to try the various items on their menu.

On October 31st, Blanchet students and faculty were able to try Seattle’s only Native American food truck. Off the Rez offers their own style of traditional foods such as tacos and burgers, putting a Native American twist to these items. Highlights from their menu were the Indian tacos served with homemade frybread and their bacon cheeseburger, the Rez Burger. Another popular item from their menu was the sweet frybread, giving people the opportunity to try the frybread with either honey, cinnamon-sugar, nutella, powdered sugar, or many other sweet toppings.

“The sweet frybread was amazing,” said senior Lars Krokum, “It was such a great dessert after the tacos which were delicious.”

The Indian Tacos also gave people the opportunity to try a traditional chicken, beef, or BBQ pulled pork taco on frybread. Talking with the people who ordered the tacos, the resounding consensus was that it was amazing. Everyone agreed that the flavor was amazing and two tacos were enough to fill them up.

The Rez Burger also got the same positive reviews as the tacos did. You may have needed two burgers to satisfy your empty stomach, but only if you decided to not get the mountain of fries that were a three dollar add on to the Rez Burger. Despite the size of the burger, it was a delicious sandwich, the combination of bacon, cheese and cumin crema all made for an outstanding lunch.

“All the flavors balanced perfectly,” said Derek Loen, “nothing was too overpowering. It was an overall great experience.”
If you are interested in trying out the various items on the Off The Rez menu give their website a visit, they move from place to place each day so make sure to check their schedule before hand.

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Off the Rez Brings a New Taste to Blanchet’s Lunches