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Freshman Football Wraps Up an Eventful and Fun-Filled Season

Hunter Redmon, Reporter

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Freshman year of high school is a scary time for many people. It means going to a brand new school, with brand new people to have brand new experiences. Not to mention often times going from being the oldest at school to the youngest. One way many boys delve into this experience head-on is by playing their first year of football for the Freshman Team.

This year’s freshman football team just concluded its successful 6-2 season and after speaking with several freshmen a couple of them shared their unique experiences and perspectives on what freshman football is really about.

“To me, football is a great way to bring the class together,” said middle linebacker Tyler Korman. Share a common goal, and work towards it as a team”.

Korman, one of the captains and stars of the team, had his season ended with a concussion. His favorite memory from this season was beating Seattle Prep in a grueling game early in the season. Korman’s  take on what football means to him speaks to how a team sport like football can unite and bond kids that start out not even knowing each other.

“Freshman football was a great time to make, spend time, and bond with

friends,” said Jack Prohaska. “But what it really meant to me was sacrificing and giving it your all for the guy next to you”.

Prohaska was the team’s leading receiver, recording 9 touchdown receptions over the course of only 7 games. His best memory of this season was the team bus ride home after winning their first game.

Think of the sense of community and triumph after winning your first game of high school football with all your new friends as you sing and celebrate on the bus. For many people these moments are why they play sports. And for freshman football players being in communion with the people they shed blood sweat and tears with for months and finally having something to celebrate is the best memory of all.

Freshman football provided many of these types of moments for our school’s youngest members as it always does. It also prepared many of them to move on to varsity the next year, though not without some very common expected nervousness.

“I’m very excited for next year but also a little nervous,” said Teddy Gallaudet. “The kids we face next year will hit even harder”.

Even though this season has come to an end for the freshman, it won’t be long until they are in the weight room preparing for their next one as varsity sophomores.


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Freshman Football Wraps Up an Eventful and Fun-Filled Season