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Thor Ragnarok (Hulk) Smashes the Box Office

Maddie Gudrian, Reporter

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Marvel is back at it once again with a new, amazing movie: Thor Ragnarok.

The Thor comics have always been funny, and Marvel always tries to make sure their movies are on par with their comics.

Ragnarok is a prophecy proclaiming that after Odin dies, Hela (Cate Blanchett) escapes from prison to rule over Asgard.

At the end of Avengers Civil War, we see Loki (Tom Hiddleston) take Odin’s (Anthony Hopkins) place by manipulating him, while Hulk aka Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) disappears into the sky. Finally, after two years of waiting our questions are answered.

After Thor (Chris Hemsworth) stops looking for an infinity stone, he heads back to Asgard only to find Loki is impostering Odin.

Thor quickly figures this out because Loki is constantly betraying his brother. Thor was like “hey man, where’d you put dad?” so Loki showed him. Of course, when they get back to Earth, Loki lies about where Odin is because guess who’s still up to his tricks. This is where Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) is seen. He uses Loki as a trade for Thor to figure out where Odin is and to learn more about Ragnarok. Once they find Odin he dies, and Hela automatically appears out of a black cloud of evil and destroys Thor’s hammer.

Thor and Loki try to get back to Asgard, but are taken off course leading to a new planet called Sakaar. There Thor is forced to be a  gladiator and fights Hulk in his first battle. Before they meet after two long years of not fighting aliens together, Thor gets his hair chopped off and boy oh boy, does he look GOOD. While on the planet, Thor tries to escape and addresses the fact that Loki always betrays him. He knows that their relationship is corrupt, but he loves his brother so he always forgives him and Loki takes advantage of his love.

Hulk has been in control of him and Bruce for the past two years, which gives us a view into what The Hulk is like. He’s an angry green giant who has the personality of a five year old boy. He stomps his feet and crosses his arms when he doesn’t get what he wants, oh and he throws things. The addition of Hulk makes this movie funnier because Loki is scared of Hulk because of the first Avengers movie, when Hulk was like “Hulk smash” and Loki was like “No!”.

Natalie Portman is no longer in the Thor movies, as some Thor fans say that she broke up with Thor, which I personally think is a stupid decision because he is one attractive god, unlike Loki who looks like a rat. Of course, since it’s a Marvel movie, Thor HAS to have a love interest, and that’s where Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) comes in.

Valkyrie is an Asgardian warrior whose eleven sisters were killed out of Hela’s spite, causing her to run off to Sakaar. She met Hulk by training him, and she met Thor because she captured him, then she started feeling things for him.

The most disappointing part of this movie is when Thor lost his eye, because he doesn’t look as attractive. Another disappointing part of this movie is that Loki kinda-sorta gets better, but not really. Thor and Loki will of course always have their conflicts because Loki is a snake, but he makes your heart melt a little bit.

This movie is highly recommended and I would give it 5 stars because Marvel did such a good job, like always.

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Thor Ragnarok (Hulk) Smashes the Box Office