“Stranger Things” Comes Back Even Stronger with Season 2

Netflix original series “Stranger Things” releases their long awaited 2nd season in hopes to compare to the success of season 1.


Allie Boyle, Reporter

This past October was the long awaited release of season two of Stranger Things. This Netflix original series has blown up across the world, becoming one of the most popular series. With it’s 80’s inspiration and the incredibly talented, quirky cast, it has drawn viewers of all ages in for a 9 episode binge watch.

“Season 2 was definitely an exciting one,” said senior Kate Landry. “I became really connected to the characters and am excited for a potential 3rd season.”

Season 2 definitely stayed true to the first season with most of the same cast, soundtrack, humour, and references. It also focuses on expanding the supernatural world that was introduced in season 1. Along with the same cast members from last season, there are also many new characters who are also introduced such as Max, Max’s family, Eleven’s sister and mother, and Will’s mother’s new boyfriend Bob.

One thing that was dramatically different from season 1 was which characters took the spotlight. Last season, everything was based around Eleven and her adventures. This season, there was more of a focus on Will and his friends which was a nice change. This season really captured the struggles that Will, and his family went through as Will was being taken over by the supernatural power. Meanwhile, Eleven was on her own adventure trying to find her “lost sister” and her mother who was mentally unstable from the lab experiments.

One flaw from the 2nd season was the setting change when Eleven went to find her sister. The story abruptly switched the setting from Hawkins to a random warehouse in an abandoned city. This took the light away from most of the main characters of the story, and just seemed out of place.

Overall, season 2 was for sure one to remember. The supernatural, suspenseful plot seemed to draw viewers to watch an exciting adventure.