What Veteran’s Day Means to Me

Samantha Zink , Reporter

Veterans Day – November 11, 2017

Growing up, Veteran’s Day meant a lavish dinner for my dad, and a phone call to my brother, wherever he was stationed. It meant driving through the cemetery with my father, in silence, remembering all of those who have fallen before us. It meant buying flowers to go put on my grandfather’s grave, acknowledging him for his service. It meant present recognition to everyone who is serving and served my – our country.  

Veterans Day (Observed) has turned into a day off of school or work for most. A day for sleeping in, a day for relaxation, a day of absent mindedness. It should be and must be a humbling day full of awareness, recognizing all of those who have gave their life for our freedom.

“Veteran’s Day is one of a few days a year that Americans around the country acknowledge those who have given so much to people they don’t know by serving their country in the armed forces,” my brother explained. “Husbands and wives across all branches go to bed each night wondering if the last goodbye was actually the last goodbye. Veteran’s Day is not just for those who have served. The wife, husband, mother, father, and children all give a part of themselves to support their loved one and should be acknowledged as part of serving.”

Before my brother would leave for his naval deployment, a family dinner would occur. Where we would sit down with my nieces, brother, and sister-in-law, for hours and laugh recalling the good times. When all was said was done, a hug goodbye to my brother would take place. Unknowing if that was the last, it would chip a piece of my heart away with my brother.

These are the people we must also remember. Those whose hearts have traveled far across the sea with their loved ones. These people – myself, my friend whose boyfriend is in Coast Guard, my sister-in-law, nieces, and any other person left behind by their military loved one all deserved to be recognized.

“Finally, we remember those whom we have lost and thank them and their family for their service,” my brother continued. “It brings me great pride, stirs many emotion, and I would do it all again!”

Not only must we remember all those who are serving, and all those left behind, we must remember the greatest – those who have sacrificed their lives, very beings, for our freedom. These are the people who have given themselves fully to our country and deserve the utmost of respect from any American citizen.

It holds a special place in my heart to get to honor my father and brother. It gives me pride, they get their own day in salute for their time spent defending the United States of America.