McDonald’s Releases New Buttermilk Chicken Tenders

New McDonald’s Chicken Tenders Take the Nation by Surprise

Derek Loen, Reporter

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The latest addition to the McDonald’s menu, Buttermilk Chicken Tenders, have already become a smash hit.


The chicken product that McDonald’s has become notorious for are the McNuggets. The McNuggets have always had mixed reviews. Some people love them, while others absolutely despise them. Some even believe that the McNuggets don’t even contain real chicken, and it seems like everyone has experienced or heard horror stories about them, such as getting an order that has cartilage in it or tastes nothing like real chicken. With good reason, I was a little hesitant to dive into the chicken tenders.


To my surprise, the chicken tenders completely blew me away.


Upon first bite, I immediately noticed an abundance of flavor coming from the spices. The quality of the chicken was miles above what I would expect from a McNugget. Although they weren’t incredibly crispy, the chicken itself made up for it. I decided to complement the Buttermilk Chicken Tenders with the new Signature Sauce that was released along with them. The sauce was creamy, sweet, and tangy, and will probably become my new favorite sauce on the menu, due to the fact that the ranch there is very underwhelming.


“I think they really took their game to the next level with the chicken tenders. It’s fried to a perfect crispness and seasoned nicely,” says Jackson Brown. “They have built a better McNugget.”


Although Jackson and I enjoyed the tenders, others weren’t huge fans. The tenders still have fallen to the same fate as the McNuggets have. They are still a McDonald’s product, so there are they are subject to bad cooking, low quality chicken, and other variables that might ruin your “Mcxperience”.


“The first Buttermilk Chicken Tender I had only had chicken in about half of it,” said Maylynn Lee. “The McNuggets with barbecue sauce still stay unbeaten in my mind.”


I would definitely recommend these to anyone who has had the McNuggets, whether they liked them or not. All of the commotion and hype around them is there for a reason, and I look forward to having the chicken tenders as a safe option on the menu.

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