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JFK files Released: Death Threat on Oswald.

Hunter Redmon, Reporter

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Proceeding the highly anticipated deadline made over 25 years ago, the JFK files were released by the National Archives, revealing some interesting details about the famous JFK assassination.

The assassination of John F Kennedy was, at the time and remains to this day, a horrific and mysterious event in history. After the day of Kennedy’s death there was numerous theories on what really happened thrown up in the air. Many people are even passionate about their conspiracy theories to this day.

On Thursday, November 2nd, President Trump followed through on his promise to release the files, but he also blocked a few documents to protect national and personal security.

While these flies are a lot to forage through, and nothing jaw dropping has come out yet, one of the most salient pieces of news includes information that the FBI received a death threat before the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald on the 24th of November 1963.

A document from that day has a lot of information on the matter. In it, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover addresses an odd circumstance the night before Oswald’s death. Hoover explains how that night the FBI office in Dallas received a call from a man who claimed to be part of a committee to kill Oswald.

As a result of this Hoover implored the Dallas Police Department to protect Oswald. However his effort to protect the assassin failed when Jack Ruby ended up killing him. Naturally suspicions rose of who the caller from the night before was.

“Ruby denies having made the telephone call to our Dallas office last night,” said Hoover (in the document).

Though very interesting still nobody knows who made that call the previous night. Many conspiracy theorists always thought Oswald perhaps didn’t act alone. That conjecture has still yet to be quelled.

Another significant story that has come forth as a result of the file release is that at some point in time CIA plotted with the Mafia to assassinate Fidel Castro.

The document revealed that the President Kennedy’s brother, the attorney general, the CIA hired somebody to speak with Sicilian Mafia member Sam Giancana, offering over 150,000 dollars to hire somebody himself to kill Castro.

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Hunter Redmon, Reporter

Hunter Redmon is a new and exciting addition to the journalism team at Bishop Blanchet High School. Hunter loves to express his ideas and connect with other people through writing. Being a senior who has played basketball and football every year for Blanchet, Hunter has experience with high school sports. Through attending other Blanchet sporting events, he looks forward to being an active reporter, who is able to provide first-hand accounts on games. His unique perspective and commentary on events will delve deeper than just the generic summary given during announcements. Personable and outgoing, Hunter will also be utilized as a interviewer. One thing that Hunter has learned by senior year at Blanchet is how interesting so many Blanchet students are, if only you allow yourself to get to know them. He has a strong desire to find out more about people, and have their stories heard.

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JFK files Released: Death Threat on Oswald.