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Mindhunter: a Thrilling Rollercoaster from Start to Finish

Mindhunter, a New Netflix Show, Based On True Events About Serial Killers and Understanding Them, Grabs the Attention of Many.

Zoe Baker, Reporter

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Before watching the new Netflix show Mindhunter, I knew that most of it was based off of true events. After doing some research while watching the show, I found out that all the serial killers mentioned in the show were actual famous serial killers in real life like Ed Kemper and Jerry Brudos.

The show is based around two men Holden Ford and Bill Tench, fictional characters that are based upon real people. Holden Ford is based off of the man who wrote the book Mindhunter, John E. Douglass. These characters seemed to have genuine interest in what was happening which made the show all the more interesting. The show follows them around the country, teaching different precincts of law enforcement about how to deal with serial killers. Often times after the two men would give the presentations, they would be asked to help solve an on-going murder case that would lead them to another serial killer, while showing the cops the proper method on how to deal with psychopaths first hand.

This show was recently published on October 13 2017 as a series exclusively on Netflix. Mindhunter quickly gained popularity appearing all over social media’s like Instagram and Twitter, which is where it caught my attention.

The most intriguing part of the show for me, personally, was when the two men would interview the killers and find out what made them act the way that they did. Most of the time some sort of traumatic event, like abuse or bullying, would trigger psychological problems.

As expected the show was very dark and depressing. It was also extremely graphic in the way that the killers would talk about the way that they killed their victims even though you do not see anyone being killed. In order to get into the mind of the serial killers, the two men that work for the F.B.I.  pretended to understand and get what the killers are talking about to be able to find out why they did the things they did.

In my opinion Mindhunter would be the perfect show for you if you are a fan of behavioral science and psychology, also if you are interested in how the F.B.I. came up with the terms people use today when talking about serial killers. But I would not recommend this for someone who gets sensitive about these topics.

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About the Writer
Zoe Baker, Reporter

Zoe Baker is a senior at Bishop Blanchet High School and is starting her first year of journalism this 2017-2018 school year.  Zoe has participated in both the swim team and the bowling team the past two years. Outside of school Zoe can be found teaching swim lessons to children and lifeguarding at Safe N Sound pool on Lake Union. Over the past two summers Zoe has travelled around the Northwest looking at colleges and universities, during these travels is when she fell in love with the state of Montana. This summer Zoe was so thrilled to be accepted into Montana State University and plans to be apart of the incoming freshman class of 2018. Zoe is also an avid Bishop Blanchet sports fan and tries to attend as many games, meets, and matches as possible. She is very excited to be a part of The Miter team and to learn more about journalistic writing, as well as being involved with all aspects of school activities.

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Mindhunter: a Thrilling Rollercoaster from Start to Finish