Lady Braves Shoot For a Good Season

Hailey Mears, Reporter

The girls varsity basketball team is a team that is dedicated to success and improvement.

With two games down, and many to go, working on growing and getting better is something that both the coaches and players are set on,

“I think we have played solid defense and communicated well,” said senior Ella DiPietro, “We still have a lot to improve on, but we are starting to get a feel for our strengths and weaknesses, and adapting to them.”

Having played two games, the team was able to get a sense of the chemistry between teammates on the court. When plays didn’t go as planned or other mistakes were made, they focused on just playing the game and remembering what to work on in practice.

“People are playing different roles this year,” said DiPietro, “I am excited to see how we all adapt to these roles and work as a team.”

“One goal of mine is to have more wins than losses,” said senior Katie Merrywell. “I’m looking forward to playing with girls I have played with before and some I haven’t.”

With the dynamics of a team always changing because of graduating participants, the team has experience with new members. One strength many players portray, is the ability to be flexible and openminded to working with new players and learning how to mesh into a team each year.

The girls hope to take their goals for the season, and what they have learned about their chemistry as a team, to work at practice.

They play next on Wednesday at Blanchet against Ballard at 7:30.