When is it Acceptable to Begin Celebrating Christmas?

Grace Klauser, Editor

It is now the beginning of December, and some may say it is safe to begin Christmas celebrations. However, many began the festivities weeks ago.


Each family has different opinions and traditions for the holiday seasoning, so there are different times to begin acknowledging the Christmas season. Christmas should not be celebrated only on December 25, but throughout the entire season. It just varies for everyone for when they decide to begin.


The holiday season has a special vibe with Christmas music, cookies, gifts, traditions trees, snow, etc. This brings a joyous feeling to many, but it could be masking the true meaning of Christmas.


Christmas began as a religious holiday for Christians, and it is meant to be spending time with loved ones and keeping in mind the true meaning of the holiday. However, people seem to get so wrapped up in the other traditions, they forget about what they are really celebrating.


It’s okay to begin celebrating whenever one may wish, but it’s important to not impose it upon others. If someone begins listening to Christmas music and shopping in October or November, that’s on them, but it can be a bit annoying when they force it on those who do not wish to begin festivities until December.


The staff believes it’s okay to begin celebrating Christmas whenever someone wants to, but do not force it upon others.


It is also important to keep in mind what is being celebrated. Buying gifts is not the true meaning of Christmas, and therefore is not that important. Black Friday and Cyber Monday seem to kick off the holiday season because most people take advantage of these deals and begin shopping for gifts. However, gifts do not sum up the meaning of the holiday.


The Miter staff calls to keep in mind the true meaning of Christmas, but have fun celebrating it whenever and however that may be.