Blanchet Wrestling Looking Towards Great Success Mid Season

Rachel Willison, Reporter

On Thursday, December 14, the Blanchet Wrestling Team took on Ballard and Roosevelt, at Ballard, with an abundance of great individual performances they are looking forward to continuing their success through the remainder of the season.

The Wrestling Team has reached their mid season mark, and after competing three duels and two tournaments, some of the members are already looking towards postseason.

At the duel against Ballard and Roosevelt, there was some tough competition, the Braves still managed to prevail in some individual matches, but lost the duel as a team due to the other teams outnumbering them.

Co-Captain, Senior Zachariah Gomez knows they are smaller as a team this year, but doesn’t doubt that more than a few of the wrestlers will be able to make it to the State Tournament.

“Our numbers are smaller; we have about 15 guys signed up,” said Gomez. “Brian Hooks and Erik Hodneland are returning sophomores and could potentially compete at state.”

Gomez is also trying to make another appearance at the State Tournament and has been working very hard off and on season to keep improving himself and his technique.

“I, myself, am looking a lot better,” said Gomez. “I have worked harder off season this past year and work directly with coaches to consistently improve myself.”

Senior co-captain, Connor Mahoney thought the team as a whole, especially the newer and younger team members competed very well at the duel against Ballard and Roosevelt.

“Zach and I won both our matches handedly,” said Mahoney. “Chris Goodspeed, who is a freshman, won two tough matches. Overall we lost due to the other teams outnumbering us.”

Mahoney, is so-so with how many people turned out for wrestling this year, but knows it is a tough sport and isn’t taking it too hard.

“So far this season we are doing alright,” said Mahoney. “A couple kids have come and gone, and I get it, it is a hard sport and it is getting tougher, but we are looking good.”

The next match for the Braves is on January 4, against O’Dea and Eastside at Blanchet, at 6:30.