Blanchet JVC Boys Basketball Marches on to a 4-0 Start With a Triumphant Win Against Roosevelt.

Hunter Redmon, Reporter

The JVC boys basketball team continues to come out on top, collecting yet another win to add on to its stellar start in an away game against rivals Roosevelt High School.

At 3:30 on Saturday, December 9th, the freshman boys took on the Roughriders. Going into this anticipated game, the Braves were looking to maintain their perfect 3-0 record, but knew it wouldn’t be a walk in the park.

“I came into the game knowing that we had a good chance to win,” said player Tyler Korman. “But I knew at the same time Roosevelt would put up a great fight”.

Blanchet was a favorite going into the game. After all the team was undefeated and had a reason to have some confidence. However, sometimes the games that a team expects to win are the toughest. It seemed as if Blanchet could potentially fall into this trap at the start.

“We started off slow because we knew they weren’t very good,” said played Rolfe Zeisner. “Our coach told us to start putting our head in the game, then we started putting on a lot of pressure.”

After the Braves caught themselves, pulled it together, and turned it up a notch, their pressure flustered Roosevelt, leading to easy baskets in transition. Blanchet began to blow the doors open. Leading the way was freshman Marc Joynt.

“Our team worked the ball around well,” said Joynt. “Our pressure forced them to leave gaps in the defense, allowing me to score and find open lanes to the hoop.”

Joynt was the leading scorer with 13 points. With other major contributions from Jack Prohaska and Tyler Korman, the Braves went on to secure a resounding 59-27 victory in the rival’s gym, not only adding to their perfect record but putting some icing on top as well.

“I’m so pumped we keep on winning and everybody is balling,” said Korman.

The team, whose spirits couldn’t be higher, mustered up another win against Lakeside on Thursday, December 14th, making them 5-0. Blanchet looks to elongate its perfect season in a matchup versus West Seattle this Saturday, the 16th.