Duels Becoming Tougher to Win By the Week

Rachel Willison, Reporter

On Thursday, January 4, the Blanchet Wrestling Team battled it out against O’Dea and Eastside, with waning numbers of members, the Braves are finding it difficult to win as a team.

The Wrestling Team has been struggling all season to keep their member count up, and after one of the last few regular season duels, some of the members are looking to make postseason individually.

Throughout majority of the duels, there has been tough competition and O’Dea and Eastside were no exception. It has been hard for the Braves to win as a team mostly due to the other teams outnumbering them. Nonetheless, the Braves have some stellar individual performances at the duel against O’Dea and Eastside.

Senior co-captain, Zachariah Gomez was disappointed they lost the meet as a team, but was pleased that everyone improved in their own ways individually.

“As a team we lost by points,” said Gomez. “But everyone did ok and improved in their own ways, which is all you could want.”

On January 6, Gomez also competed at a tournament called a “Gut Check” with his fellow senior co-captain Connor Mahoney.

“Connor lost his first two matches and was disqualified while I made it to the second day of the tournament,” said Gomez. “This tournament was four times bigger than state and was just as hard if not harder because of the massive teams Oregon and Canada brought in. I took 7th out of 64 competitors and gained a lot of experience from it.”

The next match for the Braves is on January 11, against Bainbridge at Bainbridge, at 6:30.