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Netflix’s Film “The Babysitter” Delights Audiences

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Netflix’s Film “The Babysitter” Delights Audiences

Ellie Schober, Reporter

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One of Netflix’s newest original movies, The Babysitter, embodies the campy, fun, horror flicks of the ‘80s.

Netflix’s updated version follows a smart, quirky 12 year old named Cole, played by Judah Lewis, who is initially deeply in love with his babysitter, Bee. In the beginning of the film, Bee, played by Samara Weavering, seems like the dream babysitter for any prepubescent boy. She is beautiful, funny, and extremely protective of Cole.

However, things take a turn for the terrifying when Cole witnesses Bee and a group of her stereotypical teenage friends participating in some sort of satanic ritual in his basement. As Cole secretly observes, he is horrified to witness the brutal murder of one of Bee’s guests. The plot evolves with Cole trying to elude Bee and the other teenager killers throughout the night.

“It was a kind of like Scary Movie, but was less obviously a spoof,” said senior Greta Geivett.

Geivett’s description of the film is appt. The Babysitter will not be nominated for any Golden Globes in the near future. This movie is extremely unbelievable and exaggerated. The murderers do not act like cold blooded killers at all.  For example, in a chase scene, one of the “evil” teenagers stops his pursuit of Cole to offer some advice on standing up to bullies. Also, Cole’s neighbors seem to ignore all the commotion in the house throughout the night.

However, if you can overlook these aspects and try to not take the movie too seriously, it is truly charming. The characters are quirky, but well developed and the plot is easy to follow. The movie is a good balance between trashy and fun.

If you are browsing Netflix and are looking for a lighthearted film, I would suggest checking out The Babysitter.


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Netflix’s Film “The Babysitter” Delights Audiences