Meet the Moon is Out Of This World!

Rachel Willison, Reporter

On Thursday, January 11, Meet the Moon was filled to the brim with people young and old, looking to enjoy some American Fare in the heart of Leschi.

Meet the Moon is a new, up-and-coming restaurant offering New American eats in a modern setting with hip decor, located in the quiet Seattle neighborhood of Leschi. This lakeside restaurant is a friendly, neighborhood hangout for everyone to enjoy.

Isaac Mohn, an Edmonds native, ventured all the way out to Leschi to see what the fuss about Meet the Moon was all about, and was pleasantly surprised.

“Meet the Moon is a great spot for delicious food,” said Mohn. “The restaurant has a relaxed feel to it and is extremely inviting. My favorite dish is the spicy chicken sandwich, as well as a pretzel for an appetizer. Great service! Great food!”

My favorite dish would have to be the steak frites. The spicy chicken sandwich was a tad hot for me, and I enjoy their other dishes more such as their grilled cheese sandwich, or chicken tenders.

Meet the Moon offers a breakfast-through-dinner menu and Blanchet senior, Erin McDonagh is no stranger to their brunch menu.

“My favorite dishes are from the brunch menu,” said McDonagh. “Their avocado toast and creme brûlée french toast are to die for.”

I have more of a sweet tooth in the morning, so I lean more towards their creme brûlée french toast and yogurt parfait over the avocado toast and carne asada skillet when deciding what to eat.

Seattle native, Mary Salter just recently discovered Meet the Moon, and she and her family cannot get enough.

“I love going to Meet the Moon,” said Salter. “Everything tastes exquisite, even the various sauces they have to offer such as their homemade garlic aioli and mustard sauce. I love bringing my family here because of the incredibly welcoming environment; we eat at Meet the Moon at least once a month and always look forward to coming back.”

Meet the Moon is definitely one of my favorite restaurants, and it is not just because the food is good. The staff is always friendly and the service is always quick, which is truly what sets Meet the Moon apart from other restaurants.

Meet the Moon is located at 120 Lakeside Ave, Seattle, WA 98122, and is open from 8am to 9pm Sunday through Thursday and from 8am to 10pm Friday and Saturday.