JV Boys’ Basketball Team Goes Even For This Week’s Games

Derek Loen, Reporter

The JV Braves’ finished this week with a win to Nathan Hale and a loss to O’Dea.


The Nathan Hale game was a big victory for the Braves, 65-47. They were able to get a lot of points on the board, and kept the 3-game win streak alive. Sophomore Ryan Moore led the team in scoring, and felt very good about the game.


“We played really good defense,” said Moore. “We had a lot of momentum and confidence.”


Unfortunately, their next game did not go nearly as well for the Braves. They suffered a 80-40 loss to O’Dea, and were unable to show the same strength they did against Hale days before.


“It was simply a terrible game for us,” said Head Coach Joe Sauvage.


The Braves currently hold 5th in the standings, according to the Metro League website. The teams ahead of them in the standings are Lakeside, Eastside Catholic, Seattle Prep, and O’Dea. They still have some of their toughest games ahead of them for the rest of this season, with Eastside Catholic this Friday, the 19th, and their last game of the season against the undefeated Lakeside team, on February 2nd.


“I’m excited for the challenges ahead of us,” said Sophomore Eddie Shelton. “They will be a test to see how good our team has truly become.”


The Braves have already proven they can step up in these important games in the past. If they can bring that same effort and skill, the JV Braves will be able to finish their season strong.