Bowling Team Strikes Again

Samantha Zink, Reporter

The bowling team continues into the winter season, with improvements, a spirited energetic coach, matches, and lots and lots of greasy bowling alley food.

On December 6th, the blanchet bowling team, a club offered at blanchet, had another match at Spin Alley. The winners came out to be the senior team Molly Miska, Greta Geviett, Kate Landry, Gianna Marchese, and Allie Boyle won the match. Finishing right behind them was another senior team composed of Cam Seto, Scott Rickels, Sienna Jarrett, and Arch Vistainer. Sophomores Gianna Falcone, Ainsley Muzenburg, Maddie Bremgartner and John Romano-Olsen placed third.

The high scorer of the night was Molly Miska with a score of 170, her highest score ever. Kyle Scott scored a total of 141, while Lindsey Rappe got to the 144 mark.

“Being on announcements for bowling made my dreams come true,” said junior Lindsey Rappe.

Ed Rickels destroyed the lanes by getting a turkey. A turkey is when a bowler achieves three strikes in a row on their three different turns.

“Bowling is the hidden gem at Blanchet,” said Kyle Scott. “It’s a time where you can relax and have fun hanging out with friends!”

The current standings are the team Splits Happen are in first place, while Jack Dingfield, Nate Maw, Molly Miska, and Lindsey Rappe have the highest bowling score averages.

“Bowling is a new experience,” said Jane O’Conner. “Never really done it before, but it is something that is super fun to do with your friends and something different to try.”

If you want to catch the next match and all of its entertainment be at Spin Alley next Wednesday the 13th of December to catch this team in action.