BBHS Honors Martin Luther King With a Memorable, and Inspiring Assembly

Allie Boyle, Reporter

On February 12th, the Black Student Union (BSU), and the Diversity Club held an assembly dedicated to Martin Luther King. The whole school gathered to remember MLK, and the great mark he left on the world. The assembly also focused on informing and educating everyone about the many injustices that African Americans still face on a daily basis.

The assembly started with a very powerful and moving video of MLK and his life accomplishments. It featured his “I Have A Dream” speech, and his fight to end discrimination. The assembly also included an original poem performed by some of the BSU members that focused on some of the stereotypes of African Americans.

“We wanted people to leave feeling like they learned something and hopefully we did just that,” said BSU member Zebiba Denning. “I have had so many students and faculty tell me that the poem and video were very moving and it made them really think.”

There was also a simulation activity where students were given a disability and they had to collect as many balls as possible, even with the disability. Some examples include no use of feet so they had to crawl to collect the balls, or no use of hands so they had to use other body parts. There were also some students who didn’t have any disabilities at all, and could collect as many balls as possible without any problem. This activity was showing how black people are born with challenges and others white people with privilege. The same activities can be harder for African Americans because of all the injustices that they face.

Overall the assembly was very informative and moving. It was a great way to bring the school together to honor MLK.