JV Boy’s Basketball Gain Momentum

Derek Loen, Reporter

The JV Braves’ basketball team earned back their confidence this Tuesday vs. Franklin, with a solid 54-45 victory.


After 4 losses in a row, the JV Boys’ were finally able to get back on top of their game. They played unselfishly and quickly on offense, making it hard for Franklin to keep up with them. This was a much needed victory to help build their confidence to finish the season strong.


“We did a good job of shutting them down on defense,” said Sophomore Guard Eddie Shelton. “We played better than we had the last few weeks.”


Sophomore Guard Ryan Moore led the scoring with 17 points, and helped out on defense. Plenty of players came off the bench and put up points as well. The Braves currently hold a 7-11 record, and are in 5th place in their Metro League conference, according to metroleaguewa.com.


“We’ve won some big games against good teams and we’ve lost to some bad teams,” said Moore. “We lacked consistency throughout the season.”


Head Coach Joe Sauvage led the Blanchet JV team for the first time this year. He’s brought in new techniques and knowledge to the program. This year has been about growing and adjusting, and the Braves accomplished that.


“All of these guys have lots of potential in them,” said Coach Sauvage. “Next year is looking very promising.”


The final game will take place this Friday, February 2nd, against Lakeside. It should be an exciting game and close game, since Lakeside is ranked 4th, just one place ahead of the Braves. They will be going into it with good form, and hopefully will be able to take away a win.