Varsity Girls Basketball Powers into the Offseason

Gigi Gallaudet, Reporter

Varsity Girls Basketball defeated Juanita High School at a home game on Friday, February 9.

While there was not a huge disparity in points, the Braves never gave up their lead throughout the game, and ended up winning by ten points, 56-46.

“We brought an energy we hadn’t brought in a while,” said senior Ella DiPietro. “That’s what made us successful.”

This energy could be seen from every Blanchet player on the court, no matter the grade. Both teams left it all on the court, tallying up a decent number of fouls on each side.

“We played extremely well with great effort and heart,” said senior Jess Segle. “We heard Juanita talk some trash, so we played with a chip on our shoulder. We started off with great shots and defense.”

With this win behind them, the Braves now look towards regionals and state. The team plays to determine their route to regionals. If the Braves win, they will secure a place in that tournament. If they lose, however, they will have to battle through the loser’s bracket to advance further.

“We’re proud of our work this season,” said senior Jordan Ruiz, “but we aren’t done yet.”

The Braves play next on Tuesday, February 13, against Cleveland. The game is at Ingraham High School