Bowling Team Spins to a Close

Joe Hinshaw, Reporter

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As the Bowling Team rounds off its 2017-2018 season, some members of the Bishop Blanchet community reflected back on some moments that deemed it a resounding success.

Whether it’s the laid-back atmosphere, the opportunity to perfect skills, or the enthusiastic morning announcements that the bowling team provides, there’s very little one can critique about this club. Moderator and Bishop Blanchet teacher Toby McGill, team member Ben Allen, and supportive bystander Colin Shepherd can attest to this statement.

“I’ve never been on the bowling team,” said Shepherd, “But their announcements are definitely loud and pretty funny.”

This kind of fun-loving spirit is representative throughout all aspects of the club, and helps to explain why this year is noted as yet another success.

The team members rally around one another and create an environment where improvement is possible and humor is encouraged.

“Morgan, Nate, Michael, John, and Waverly brought the enthusiasm every week!,” said McGill.

But while having a good time is of the utmost importance, perfecting bowling techniques is also a primary focus for the team.

“Beating Waverly’s team,” said Allen, “Was something reminiscent of a ‘Rocky’ movie.”

This kind of attitude is omnipresent within the bowling squad.

“Greta and Jesús had a very competitive rivalry,” said McGill.

There were intra-squad rivalries that went on over the course of the season, as well as individual goals and challenges.

“Jane O’Connor had the highest average in the league,” said McGill, “And Molly Miska came within ten pins of the Braves Girls Bowling record!”

There’s a palpable sense of community in this Bishop Blanchet activity, with members of varying skill levels all playing for the same purpose, to brush up on their bowling skills and to have fun.

“Cesar Glick and Elena Bernejo are our most improved bowlers,” said McGill.

The Bowling Team is about encouraging students to come together and cultivate their bowling abilities.

“I went from averaging a 90,” said Allen, “to around a 120.”

Raising scores and breaking records is always the end goal, but the fun is really in the community. Toby McGill continued to reiterate his personal mantra of “Life is Good” to the bowling squad wherever he saw fit, and that really set the standard for what the Bowling Team is really all about.


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