This Is Us Makes Millions of People Cry…Again

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This Is Us Makes Millions of People Cry…Again

Maddie Gudrian, reporter

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This article is a review of This Is Us, it contains spoilers.

On Sunday, February 4, This Is Us finally answered our questions about how Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia) died.

On, January 30, we watched the final day of Jack’s life. With a seventeen-year-old  Kate (Hannah Zeile), a seventeen-year-old Randall (Niles Fitch), and a seventeen-year-old Kevin (Logan Shroyer), all out and about on the Super Bowl. Kate and Randall come home, but Kevin stays out with his girlfriend, Sophie (Amanda Leighton). At the end of the episode, we see a pregnant Rebecca (Mandy Moore) and Jack open the door and receive a crock pot from an elderly neighbor. He tells Jack that you have to fidget with the switch to make sure it’s really off, then flash forward to the 90’s, we see Jack turn off the crockpot…or so we thought. As soon as Jack went upstairs the fire started, and that’s how last tuesday’s episode ended.

On sunday I had my tissues ready and I immediately started crying. Jack woke up to the smell of smoke, woke Rebecca up, and Kate and Randall. Jack ran to Randall’s room to save him, while Rebecca got wet towels for the door. When he knew they were safe, he ran to Kate’s room. Her reaction to the fire was so painful to watch, she was so scared and it gave me chills. In order to get back to Jack and Rebecca’s room safely, Jack took Kate’s mattress and ran to the room. His hands were getting burnt by the fire and the mattress was on fire, but better the mattress than them. They arrive in the room, take sheets and go outside to safety.

When Kate gets outside she hears her dog Louis yelping. Jack, the selfless man he is GOES BACK INSIDE, RISKS HIS LIFE AND THE STUPID DOGS LIFE, AND GETS STUPID VALUABLES. I’m fine.

When the fire department shows up, Jack and Rebecca take Kate and Randall to Miguel’s (Jon Huertas) house so they can have a place to sleep for the night. Rather than going to the hospital in an ambulance, the EMT’s just let him go drop his kids off. Why is this important? Jack has smoke inhalation. Where is the logic here? Why would they think it’s okay to let a guy drop his kids off rather than go to the hospital?! And then, when he’s there, he doesn’t even have an oxygen mask on. Rebecca tells Jack she’s going to go get snacks. Jack went into cardiac arrest from smoke inhalation, the type of heart attack he had is called a widowmaker.  At first, she doesn’t believe he died and then she goes into his room. When she saw his dead body laying on the bed, my stomach dropped and I officially started crying. She somehow managed to get herself to Miguel’s house, where she told the kids, but Kevin was still with Sophie. Kate knew she had to be the one to tell Kevin because they’re twins.

Flash forward to Super Bowl Sunday 2018,  we learn how the kids cope on this day.  Kate (Chrissy Metz) wallows and blames herself, Kevin (Justin Hartley) avoids everyone, and Randall (Sterling K. Brown) celebrates Jack, while wearing his ‘Hot Dad’ apron because, “that’s how Randall roles”. I love this show, I just don’t understand why Randall’s wife and kids act like they don’t like him, like, come on ladies, he’s hilarious, get over yourself and laugh at him.

Kate, I don’t like her, she pities herself and blames herself but they weren’t thinking when Louis was trapped inside. He was in the front room…right by the front door…Kate was outside, I hope you see where I’m going here.  She annoys me so much and in this episode it was heightened. First of all, she started crying when her tape got stuck or something (I’m sorry, I’m a Gen-Z, we didn’t use VCRs when we were little) and she was like ‘Hey Toby (Chris Sullivan) don’t help me, let me wallow and avoid’. He only wanted the best for her and then she had to go all Kate and get salty because he told her he knows a guy who can put the video in the cloud. Of course, once it was in the cloud she realized Toby was right but didn’t admit it until she had this big dumb monologue about how much she ‘needs’ him and how Jack would have loved him.

Kevin, oh Kevin he let a little laughter get in this episode. Rebecca tells him that she makes Jack’s favorite lasagna, watches the game, and enjoys the Superbowl. She also tells him that every year on the Superbowl, Jack makes her laugh, and this year Jack gave her Kevin. He’s been going through some things so he went back home and hopefully get clean. He goes to Jack’s tree and tells Jack all about his life and apologizes for not being there and saying something horrid as his last words to his father. Rebecca calls Kevin and he tells her he’s not sure if he’s at the right tree. I think this year was especially tough for him, just because he is going through addiction. I think if Jack was alive he could help Kevin because addiction is genetic, it probably explains why Kate seems to have an addiction to food.  I’m not gonna lie, I cried a little, but it’s fine.

I’m excited to see what the creators do with the show now that the Jack mystery has been revealed. I have a few ideas which are, Deja comes back, we know that because at the end of the episode she comes into the house and is talking to Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) and Randall. Another theory is, they take the show into the future and show us Randall and Beth’s daughters, Tess and Annie, because throughout the whole episode there was a build up on a little boy and a social worker, leading watchers to believe Randall and Beth would foster a little boy. But, he goes to a white family and we see an older Randall come into Tess’ office who was the social worker. This show has so much potential and I’m so excited to see where they take this story line. I definitely recommend watching it, and I’m very sorry if I ruined the entire first and second season for you, but if I did, I still recommend it, it’s amazing.

This Is Us airs every tuesday on NBC at 9 pm.


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