Luisa’s Mexican Grill: A Seattle Favorite From Moms to Millennials

Joe Hinshaw, Reporter

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Luisa’s Mexican Grill is a spot on the brink of Greenwood and Ballard, serving authentic Mexican food at a reasonable price point.

With 4.2 stars on Google Reviews, this restaurant is a favorite of many.

After entering the restaurant, one is met with a friendly service staff and the smell of freshly-made corn tortillas. This aspect of being able to enjoy a tortilla while waiting to be seated adds to the overall charm of the restaurant.

The decor of the restaurant is reminiscent of a typical Mexican villa, bearing brightly-colored walls and a cobblestone floors. The focal point of the room is the flowing fountain, filled at any given time with pennies and dimes tossed in by wishful guests.

The restaurant has pretty extensive lunch and dinner menus, offering a variety of classic Mexican dishes such as chalupas, tacos,and enchiladas. For those uncertain about Mexican cuisine, there are more mild, but equally appetizing options like cheeseburgers and fish n’ chips.

Bishop Blanchet senior, Lars Krokum, is a part-time busser at Luisa’s and is also a fan of their food.

“I’ve tried almost everything on the menu,” said Krokum, “but I would say my favorite dish is the chicken enchiladas.”

The restaurant is appealing to a wide range of people. Many parents can be seen dining with their children, who are kept occupied by menus that double as a coloring book.

On the other hand, college students can get behind the restaurant’s atmosphere, good food, and generous Happy Hour, all while not breaking the bank.

The attraction of Luisa’s Mexican Grill is their dedication to Mexican tradition and culture, which makes it essential to Seattle’s restaurant scene.

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