Welcome to the Pacific Northwest – A Vegan’s Haven

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Welcome to the Pacific Northwest – A Vegan’s Haven

Samantha Zink, Reporter

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The Pacific Northwest is known for being an alternative place, catering to those with special diets and restrictions, i:e: veganism. Seattle is a great place filled with many restaurants that vegans can go to get mouthwatering vegan food.

The Wayward Vegan Cafe, located in the Green Lake area, a small hipster diner offering a 100% vegan menu and is unbelievably reasonably priced for being 100% vegan.They offer every meal, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A personal favorite is the Biscuit Mountain. A platter of homemade biscuits piled high with gravy, with a side of hashbrowns.  This meal fills you up not only for breakfast, but allows you to have extras for lunch as well.

Another restaurant, a chain located all over Seattle, is Veggie Grill. This fast paced vegan restaurant offers a selection of lunch and dinner options. Ranging from burgers, to the best vegan nachos on this planet, to wraps and salads. The price again is pretty decent, and the portions are extremely generous. A personal favorite is the vegan mondo nachos; costing less than eight dollars and can feed at least two people. These nachos are covered in vegan cheese, sour cream, chick’n (vegan soy protein), guac, and more.

Moving over to Phinney Ridge, El Chupacabra, a mission styled Mexican restaurant and bar, caters to all herbivores and omnivores alike. They offer the basics of burritos, tacos, and enchiladas plus more. The key is they substitute anything for a vegan option. So load up on the vegan sour cream and cheese because there is plenty of it. Their prices are a little higher than average, but the taste in the end is worth it. A noteworthy dish from when I went is to get the large burrito with the green chick’n and the vegan sour cream and cheese. This burrito filled me up for dinner and supplied me with breakfast and lunch for the next day.

With a locations in both  Greenwood and in Downtown Seattle, Razzi’s Pizzeria offers the best traditional, vegan, gluten free, and gluten free-vegan menu out there. With a whole menu they can have “veganized”, this Italian restaurant is a vegan’s dream. Every pasta and pizza dish is out-of-this-world delicious. The price of the vegan meals are a few dollars more than the regular meals, but in the end it is so worth it to have a pasta that melts with vegan cheese. Parking at the Greenwood location is a little difficult, but that just gives the buyer the excuse to have it delivered. As this is my favorite restaurant in Seattle to grab a bite, I highly recommend the vegan chick’n parmesan, as it is the most delicious pasta dish I have ever had. Also favorite of a non-vegan friend of mine, is to get the vegan cheese bread, it comes with marinara dipping sauce and pleases any type of eater.

With so many vegan friendly restaurants in Seattle, it makes complete sense all “foodies” from all around Puget Sound flock here to get there hands on some good vegan eats.

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